LUX* 2.0

Brand Premiumisation

Following the hugely successful launch of our ‘Island Light’ concept, LUX* Resorts & Hotels expanded its footprint into new territories with the announcement of two properties – both considerable departures for the brand.

The first was LUX* Lijiang, a mountain set boutique property located in a UNESCO world heritage site at the gateway to the Yunnan province of China. The second, LUX* Al Zorah – a glamorous beach resort strategically located along the coastline of Ajman less than one hour from Dubai.

As with LUX*, no brand remains static and with the original concept and its brand originally conceived for LUX* Island Resorts, there was now a requirement to both accommodate new types of product, whilst delivering a strategy that would continue to premiumise its positioning.

LUX* 2.0 was conceived to facilitate the group’s expansion into these new markets whilst still adhering to the brands creative principles. As such, the ‘Island Light’ concept was developed to embrace future locations in the city, on the beach, and in nature.

At the same time, it also afforded an opportunity to revisit the existing resorts and develop new guest experiences and touch points – further elevating and differentiating them from a set of competitors who, with imitation being the highest form of flattery; had now begun to emulate.

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