World’s Most Popular Luxury Hotel Brands

World’s Most Popular Luxury Hotel Brands, 2015

BY Luxury Branding

World’s Most Popular Luxury Hotel Brands. As a company that serves the global luxury market, we like to think and comment on prestige brands and their customers.

Returning from our summer vacations and with new travel experiences fresh in the memory, it was an opportune moment to investigate how the hospitality industry’s view of its own luxury brands accords with that of its guests.

Social media has revolutionised the role of consumers in shaping brand reputations and the World’s Most Popular Luxury Hotel Brands, 2015 is a groundbreaking study based on rigorous analysis of more than 2.25 million public reviews on TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel feedback site.

Derived entirely from customer opinion, we have been able to reveal a fresh and unexpected ranking of the world’s most popular high-end hotel and resort brands.

Piers Schmidt, Founder of Luxury Branding comments:

“A more reliable assessment of luxury hospitality is emerging. These findings may rattle some in the industry but it’s the brands’ guests that have spoken and now they’re going to be heard.”

The free report, which features a league table ranking 59 luxury hotel brands in order of popularity, is accompanied by detailed commentary and is available for download below.