Kavita Parmar

Business Manager

With a BA (Hons) in Business Management and over 10 years experience in operations, Kavita brings an abundance of expertise and warmth to her role as Luxury Branding’s Business Manager. Her primary focus is on delivering consistent and meaningful experiences within the organisation, inspiring both clients and employees. Always looking to grow her skillset, Kavita is currently studying towards a CIPD Level 7 Diploma in Human Resource Management, furnishing her with additional organisational expertise.

Following graduation, Kavita brought her skills to the worlds of recruitment, creative branding, and the luxury sector at revered jewellery brand House of Garrard. Her focus is on delivering efficient, friendly and authentic brand experiences, a skillset developed during her early days working in service led roles. Her aim and inspiration in joining Luxury Branding was to marry these abilities with her passion for the luxury sector and interest in creative ways of working.

In her role as Business Manager, Kavita maintains the smooth day to day running of Luxury Branding, ensuring that time gets spent where it matters most – solving problems and assisting clients through consulting, creative and communications services. Her primary tasks are to set up and manage the flawless and timely executions of all tasks, processes and contracts so as to maintain an efficiently run office. Kavita is constantly seeking to improve processes and procedures in a drive towards operational excellence.

She is a firm believer that success is achieved when you are passionate about what you bring to the table, and ensures that client engagements with Luxury Branding are always positive and productive. Well-versed in international gastronomy, Kavita also enjoys spending her free time sampling spectacular wines from across the world.