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Brand Creation

Luxury Branding partnered with Constance Hospitality Management to define, design and deliver for them a sister brand positioned as a upper upscale lifestyle offering.

Case Study

Creating a Gen X playground

How do you entice and then delight a breed of luxury consumers looking for exceptional holiday experiences that transport them away from the daily grind?

Prestigious Mauritian hotel operator, Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf wanted to expand its business, by creating a new brand – C Resorts by Constance.

However, Constance needed to avoid cannibalising its existing business or presenting the new brand as a discount version of its luxury sibling.

We came on board to shape a brand idea that would speak to luxury consumers who might not otherwise consider Constance or the Indian Ocean destinations it operates in.

We developed the distinctive brand concept – ‘Nature’s Playground’ – to capture the imagination of Gen X global consumers.

These Gen X travellers crave holiday experiences that don’t conform to luxury conventions. Places where the atmosphere and attitudes are fresh, open and liberating.

We identified three traveller tribes – reward hunters, experience chasers and urban escapists, known as our community of ‘C-kers’. Found in many corners of the world, this community of ‘C-kers’ are innately curious and always looking for ways to escape the hum-drum reality of daily life.

So we designed the brand concept ‘Nature’s Playground’ as a place to let go and discover, in natural environments that are cool, vibrant, casual and sociable.

We worked closely with the marketing and operations teams at C Resorts to bring the Brand Concept vividly to life.

A freestyle brand identity, stunning signature guest experiences, refreshing service, stylish design and a breakthrough communications campaign all played their part.

The result is a hotel brand for those of us seeking an escape from the everyday realities of life in the fast lane.

A place where fresh and friendly experiences don’t come at the expense of comfort and service. Where you can let it all go and bring it all back.

Case Study


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