Cara Mila

Brand Creation

Working with two passionate entrepreneurs to develop a fresh and fiery new presentation for their luxury fashion brand.

Case Study

Lighting a Firebrand of Fur

How do you attract modern, independent and liberated women to buy fur?

By distancing themselves from legacy brands, Cara Mila, a London based fashion and accessories company, wanted to reposition the brand of fur as acceptable, accessible and alluring.

Although they were clear in their wish to eschew the category’s pervasive monochrome character by spotlighting their distinctive and innovative product range, they also needed to underscore their production integrity by maintaining a focus on their sustainable sourcing and challenger mindset.

We were engaged to define a new direction that celebrated Cara Mila’s progressive and artistic personality while better expressing its distinctive, leading-edge credentials.

We worked with the founders to understand every step of a product development cycle that was anchored in the responsible sourcing of pelts.

We defined the brand’s creative platform as ‘Fur with Fire’, which became the central organising thought that drove every facet of a reimagined brand experience.

Drawing inspiration from the Latin origins of the brand’s Argentinian founders, we designed a new visual identity that contrasts an elegant, classical wordmark with a bold and progressive palette of passionate colours and striking photography interlaced with spirited graphic elements.

The result is branding that bristles positively with FurPower, fiery and dynamic energy that is counterbalanced with luxurious detailing, materials and finishes.

The new Cara Mila is a brand that introduces an open-minded audience to fur that makes a difference.

Case Study


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