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Dorchester Collection

Brand Development

Defining and implementing a unifying brand concept to englobe trophy hotel assets owned by the Brunei Investment Agency and located in the world’s major gateway cities.

Kerzner International

Naming & Corporate Identity

Luxury Branding was appointed to assist the board of Sun International Hotels Limited to forge a new identity for the company, which we branded as Kerzner International.

Armani Hotels
& Resorts

Brand Extension

Luxury Branding worked closely with Giorgio Armani and Emaar Properties to translate the eponymous fashion brand into the experience economy through hotels and branded residences.

Three Branding Lessons from Giorgio Armani

By Vanessa De Nardi

We live in an age of disruption and as economies, technologies and attitudes continue to change, so too does the art of branding.

One&Only Resorts

Brand Creation

In 2002, Sol Kerzner’s Sun International empire comprised two distinct businesses: mega destination resorts with casinos at their heart (e.g. Sun City and Atlantis Bahamas) and – in stark contrast – eight boutique luxury resorts including the Le Saint Géran, Mauritius and the Ocean Club, Bahamas.

The Name Game:
Part 1

By Piers Schmidt

Time was that naming a brand was quite simple. You just adopted your family name, which also served to distinguish private enterprise from public. Learn why and how brand naming has become more complex in this two part feature on the name game.

The Name Game:
Part 2

By Piers Schmidt

Where W had blazed a trail, the hotel industry – ever follower rather than an innovator – has tried to emulate and replicate W’s success to such an extent that possibly every inch of the lifestyle brand naming territory has been mined out.

British Airways

Brand Development

Luxury Branding’s Founder, Piers Schmidt, led the team of 30 strategists, designers and project managers that conceived and delivered the controversial yet enduring rebranding of British Airways.


Brand Development

Creating the name and brand identity for a global alliance between 15 of the world’s leading airlines.



Repositioning one of the world’s premier department stores by imbuing it with the ‘spirit of the city’.


Luxury Branding is a strategic advisor specialising in generating sustainable brand value. Its principal experience is in the ultra-competitive premium segments of the tourism, travel, hospitality and residential real estate sectors.

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Luxury Branding introduces NXGN, a suite of four specialist services designed to facilitate luxury brands in the experience economy to forge meaningful and enduring connections with this distinctive cohort.

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