Are You Being Served?

21 June 2022

Piers Schmidt addressed senior doctors and business leaders from C-Care, a leading healthcare provider in Mauritius.

At the kind invitation of Hélène Echevin, the Executive Chairperson of C-Care (Mauritius) and CEO of CIEL Healthcare, on 21 June 2022 Piers Schmidt addressed the top team, senior medical practitioners and administrators of C-Care with a keynote presentation on the subject of customer/patient experience management within a healthcare environment.

During the attended event, which took place at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebene Cybercity, Piers addressed the close relationship between hotels and healthcare elucidating the common etymology of ‘hospital’ and ‘hospitality’. Both words derive from the Latin ‘Hospes’, which interestingly translates both as guest and host.

He proposed a three stage model of service delivery based on the Customer, their Comfort and Care and challenged healthcare sectors to think of their customers not as ‘suffering’ patients but as guests – human beings with emotional needs. He illustrated how care is really about the accumulation of lots of small pieces of conscious service design and shared a framework for aligning the guest experience performance with the brand promise.

The session concluded with a lively Q&A followed by refreshments and networking.


Luxury Branding is a strategic advisor specialising in generating sustainable brand value. Its principal experience is in the ultra-competitive premium segments of the tourism, travel, hospitality and residential real estate sectors.1

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With a unique blend of ‘calculated creativity’,
Luxury Branding helps ambitious organisations to define and express how they are special, different, and better: special for their affluent customers, different and better than the competition.2

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Piers Schmidt and Ian R Douglas of Phoenix Global are the Co-Founders of Kingham Leigh.
This dynamic new partnership has been created to design, develop and operate innovative hospitality projects in Europe and beyond.3

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