Brand Revision and Advertising

AfrAsia Bank in Mauritius, as its name would indicate, is a financial institution with ambitions that lie beyond the borders of its home state. Backed by parent company, GML, it was the first financial institution to be established in Mauritius for over 100 years. It has won accolades year on year since its formation in 2007, and is popular, particularly within the entrepreneurial sector.

Luxury Branding were tasked with establishing AfrAsia’s positioning and strategy as they expanded into sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and beyond. The challenge was twofold; to compel investors to trust Mauritius as a financial jurisdiction, and to put their faith in AfrAsia Bank.

By auditing their customer base, competitors and the market, we were able to define a value proposition that would enable customers to overcome the stigma of Mauritius – it’s connotations of holidays and sunshine, which had become a barrier to legitimacy for AfrAsia. We positioned the bank as the key facilitator of new global investment via Mauritius into their target markets. We defined a concept, “Financial Bridging”, which represented AfrAsia’s role in connecting the continents and offset the conventions of financial branding. This communications platform positioned the bank distinctively on the world stage.

In conjunction with an exercise to refine the bank’s somewhat monotonous corporate identity, we developed a distinctive visual vocabulary and new advertising campaign. This combined strong black and white imagery with powerful messages derived from the financial bridging concept.

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