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C Resorts

Brand Concept

The development of C Resorts by Constance was commissioned by CEO Jean-Jacques Vallet to fuel growth for the prestigious Mauritian hotel operator, Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf. Luxury Branding was tasked, therefore, to help Constance accelerate its expansion by adding to the propositions it offers, thereby increasing opportunities for new management contracts.

For C Resorts to be successful and avoid the risk of being considered as a discount version of its luxury sibling (Constance Hotels & Resorts), we needed to create a compelling, stand-alone promise that would establish clear water between the two brands.

The new brand, which is positioned in the lifestyle, upper upscale segment, is distinguished by a distinct Brand Concept called ‘Nature’s Playground’, which was designed deliberately to appeal to leisure travellers that might not otherwise consider Constance or the Indian Ocean destinations where it is currently present.

These guests were identified as belonging predominantly to Generation X, a cohort of global consumers born between 1964-1982. With 65% of their spending years ahead of them, although Gen X is in its vacation-booking prime, overshadowed by the Millennials, its needs have been largely ignored.

Gen X travellers are reward hunters that want to indulge in the unexpected. They are experience chasers, seeking friendly convivial atmospheres, and urban escapists that travel purely for liberation, fresh air and new thrills.

Reward hunters, experience chasers and urban escapists, during the course of the concept development phase, these three traveller tribes became affectionately known as our community of ‘C-kers’. Found in many different corners of the world, they share two common characteristics: they are innately curious and they wish to let go from the worry and daily reality of being an adult.

With these consumer insights in mind at all times, our Brand Concept was then designed in detail. After all, where better than ‘Nature’s Playground’ to let go and discover – in natural environments that are true, human, simple and crafted? In playful atmospheres that are cool, vibrant, casual and sociable.

We partnered closely with the marketing and operations teams at C Resorts to bring the Brand Concept vividly to life on property in a freeform, freehand and freestyle brand identity, a set of stunning, signature guest experiences, fresh and friendly service, stylish design and a breakthrough communications campaign.

By animating the properties of C Resorts with playful software, heartware and shareware, all of which has been consciously designed to produce an extraordinary experience, we are enabling C Resorts to earn premium rates in comparison to competitors of similar size and specification.



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