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Cara Mila

Brand Positioning, Identity and Communications

To capitalise on a successful first three years of operation, in early 2017, Cara Mila, engaged Luxury Branding to help focus and hone a brand positioning, identity, and communications that better expressed its distinctive, leading-edge product.

Based in London, Cara Mila is a fur brand with a difference.
A small family team, the brand’s founders, Nicole Atti Betesh and Ezequiel Azar, are involved in every step of product development, which is rooted in the responsible sourcing of their furs. Building on this foundation of integrity and as a dynamic young business with a genuine challenger mindset, Nicole and Eze tasked Luxury Branding to help them reposition fur as acceptable, accessible and alluring to modern, independent and liberated women.

In a deliberate effort to distance Cara Mila from legacy fur brands that extol classical, establishment and monochrome character, we defined a direction that celebrated Cara Mila’s progressive, upstart and artistic personality.

Drawing inspiration from the Latin origins of its Argentinian founders, we defined the brand’s creative platform as ‘Fur with Fire’. This central organising thought now drives every facet of the brand experience from product development to communications.

Fur with Fire also provided the design brief for a new visual identity, which contrasts a simple, elegant and almost classical wordmark with a bold and less conventional palette of warm and vibrant colours, richly-graded, energetic photography and spirited graphic elements.

The multi-layered identity that results and Cara Mila’s highly tactile product now interact seamlessly and the brand bristles positively with dynamic ‘FurPower’. This is the promise of the newly refined brand. Fiery energy is counterbalanced with exquisite luxury detailing, materials and finishes.

The branding has been applied to Cara Mila’s new e-commerce website, product ticketing, luxury packaging, a 56-page look book, corporate stationery, advertising and further items of marketing collateral.

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