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In 2012 and 2013, Luxury Branding collaborated with Value Retail PLC and Chic Outlet Shopping to stage a series of roundtable seminars, which were held in conjunction with the global travel and tourism fairs.

Hosted by Chic Outlet Shopping® and moderated by Piers Schmidt, these ‘by invitation’ events were designed to position Chic Outlet Shopping® as a thought leader on ‘Shopping Tourism’ – as Forbes described it, “the billion-dollar travel trend you’ve never heard of”.

The roundtables investigated a range of connected issues that reside at the intersection of several overlapping sectors: destination marketing, luxury travel, hospitality, retail, luxury brands and finance.

In 2012, we began in Madrid at FITUR where, under the headline ‘Tourism Gets Fashionable’, we examined how luxury brands are putting the sparkle into tourism. In Berlin at ITB, we went in search of ‘New Waves in Hospitality’ and discovered some interesting currents within the adjacent industries of hotels, high-end retail and luxury food and beverage. At ATM in Dubai, we explored ‘Blue Sky Luxury’ and unearthed how travel, hospitality and retail operators are reaching for the stars. At ILTM Asia in Shanghai, our topic was ‘East by West: the rise of the Luxury Globalista’ during which we explored how the worlds of tourism and fashion are meeting the demands of the travelling luxury consumer. The fifth and final event in 2012 was held during WTM at the Tower of London where in ‘From Product to Promotion’, we debated how most effectively to put the luxury experiences on the map.

In June 2013 at ILTM Asia, our topic was ‘Meet the Experience Hunters’ and we explored the psyche of the Asian Luxury Travelling Consumer to better understand the shift from a love of big labels to special moments and memories.

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