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SIGNATURE Experiences

The signature experiences, staged at C Resorts, are the branded differentiators that enable the C-kers to enjoy a special, child-like feeling of freedom when they visit ‘Nature’s Playground’.

In a series of innovation workshops, we created, developed and refined more than 100 springboard ideas. These concepts, which were generated by Luxury Branding and the C Resorts team, were then evaluated carefully against a range of selection criteria to arrive at a final set of 12 experiences that define the difference of C Resorts.

Practical, entertaining, surprising and fun, these special ‘Cignatures’ put the C into ‘cizzle’.

1. Crossing: An organic threshold heralds a C-ker’s entrance
What could be better than to be welcomed by nature? An entrance festooned with living plants leads to a lobby flowing with potted local flowers. An organic approach to the Crossing from outside to inside helps C-kers transition from a world left behind into a new arena of pure, unspoilt nature.

2. Concoctor: An arrival drink of scientific genius
C-kers are greeted with a crazy cocktail contraption, the brainchild of inventor, Chris Jones, renowned for his steampunk coffee constructions in Cape Town. This piece of engineering brilliance theatrically produces a perfect colada every time, a welcome replacement to the ever so expected arrival drink.

3. Charm: Children live a charmed life at C
On arrival, junior C-kers are gifted a beautiful, handcrafted charm bracelet. Designed to appeal to both girls and boys, it’s more than a cool souvenir to show off to friends. Charm doubles as an invitation to join an exciting C Quest, on which children have the opportunity to collect more charms through a range of challenging, educational tasks.

4. C Shirt: A welcome gift designed by you
C-kers receive a personal invitation to meet the resort’s resident Craftmaster where they are tutored in the art of printing their own unique tee shirt. An artistic souvenir of co-creation using biodegradable inks and island stencils to depict elements in nature.

5. Cpicerie: A bustling marketplace of delightful delicacies
The lively agora located at the heart of each C Resort. Here, guests meet to enjoy barista-brewed coffee, local crafts and live cooking featuring an always changing presentation of fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients and prepared dishes. This fresh and modern take on a traditional ‘epicierie fine’ is imaginatively stocked and beautifully merchandised.

6. Club House: Boats and board games on the boardwalk
A colourful clubhouse bar with an unashamedly playful purpose. C Resorts re-introduces a nostalgic compendium of sociable activities to be enjoyed by new friends and old. Sporting activities span sand and sea while the apres-waterski bar is stocked to the rafters with complimentary local spirits.

7. Crustacea: A bountiful feast aboard the salty Sirius
A friendly local guide leads guests into the lagoon to explore the fascinating and spiky world of the sea urchin. C-kers will learn how to prise free these curious creatures before enjoying the freshest of marine treats straight from the ocean on the boat. Served raw, accompanied by crisp white Burgundy, one of the most delicious meals imaginable.

8. Cascade: A magical musical shower
C-kers cool off after endless days of sun, sea and sand under a super-sized beach shower that doubles as a musical speaker. C-kers will have fun rehearsing their best dance moves before posting their most hilarious #CascadeMoment on Instagram.

9. Circuit: A biofit approach to training
Healthy design principles, equipment made from natural materials and a unique training method, which is always fun and interactive. Training sessions in the biophilic gym or boot camp on the beach show C-kers how to take their fitness regimens back to nature.

10. C Trek: Guided sociable saunters
Great for exercise, treks and hikes also create excellent opportunities to cultivate sociability, good conversation and enjoyable shared experiences. Whether a purely scenic or a cultural ramble, designed around art, architecture or history, the guide will share a local perspective through stories told along the way.

11.Sessions by the C: Life’s a dance with sunny tunes
C Resorts teams up with Music Concierge to assemble a roster of guest DJs and to compile exclusive playlists showcasing the best in chilled lounge rhythms, organic house, easy funk and soul. Amped up as the sun begins to set, Sessions by the C is a social sundowner with a cosmopolitan edge.

12. Clustre: A community artwork chandelier
Expressive C-kers are invited to shoot creative interpretations of the eight elements from the C Resorts Brand Concept. A gallery of printed images is displayed on a giant replica of Ingo Maurer’s iconic pendant light, which hangs centrally in the resort lobby. The result is a unique collective artwork that’s recreated every week.

The Cignatures

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