C Resorts Communications Campaign by Luxury Branding

C Resorts

Communications Campaign

As part of the C Resorts brand development, Luxury Branding was tasked with conceptualising and executing its global communications campaign.

In ways that would create cut-through and clamour in the crowded market of lifestyle brands, our objective was to creatively evoke and portray the spirit of the Brand Concept, ‘Nature’s Playground’.

Knowing that the brand’s target audience of C-kers is innately curious and wishes to let go from the worries and daily realities of being an adult, we designed a creative platform that would invite them to reconnect with time when they were younger and unencumbered by these adult concerns. Our intriguing promise of a little ‘Grownup Playtime’ is all about enabling C-kers to reclaim the best moments from their childhoods while improving them with an adult twist.

Our bold and striking brand communications were designed to remind them of the fun and freedom of their youth. Directly, therefore, we address and awaken the C-kers’ inner child by inviting them to “Come play. Let go. Feel free”.

Print Campaign 

The print advertising addresses and awakens a C-ker’s inner child through the medium of illustration. We partnered with creative talents Patrick Latimer, an eminent children’s illustrator, and his brother Alex Latimer, a renowned children’s storyteller, for their ability to evoke childhood memories without going down an obvious nostalgic or childish route.

Five vivid executions set C Resorts apart from other hospitality brands whose product and lifestyle imagery is more or less identical. Each print ad brings to life one of the ‘Cignature’ guest experiences, paired with lighthearted motifs and innocent copy that draws parallels to memories of the past.

Patrick’s minimalism and simplicity is reminiscent of the books the C-kers read as children and his psychedelic colour palette injects a euphoria that brilliantly represents the mood and personality of C Resorts.

Brand Film

To break away from the conventional brand film,
we commissioned SeaMonster, a leading animation house,
to produce a 2D of the brand ‘Cignatures’ within ‘Nature’s Playground’. After all, what better medium to awake and address the inner child, than a cartoon?

Storybook Brochure

Instead of the conventional brand and property brochure,
we collaborated with the Latimer brothers again to awaken the inner child and inject some grown-up playtime through storytelling. Our 28-page, hardback cover, children’s storybook tells the magical tale of Christoph and Carol as they experience their own adventures in ‘Nature’s Playground’.

Brand Film

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