Vision, Purpose & Values and Corporate Identity

Imara is a pan-African investment banking group organised around three principal divisions – stock broking, asset management and corporate finance.

Despite being reputed for its specialist knowledge of African markets, Imara’s significant edge was consistently losing out to the ‘fly-in, fly-out’ US and European based investment banks. To further compound matters, no one either knew what Imara meant, nor that is was an investment bank. The company had grown through a series of regional acquisitions whilst its brand architecture and brand positioning had failed to keep up, and beyond the superficial confusions, beneath the surface lay a concurrence of often-conflicting cultures.

Luxury Branding was appointed in 2010 to define a coherent brand identity and bind together the rapidly growing and disparate collection of companies that the group comprised of.

Working with over 60 members of senior management, we set about unifying all the bank divisors behind a common purpose, identifying a set of shared values and rebranding at every level of the company. We anchored Imara to the simple telling claim, “Investing in Africa”, which also explains and qualifies the name Imara meaning ‘strong’ in Swahili.

The name and claim were expressed through a new corporate identity featuring the bold emblem of a scarab, one of the world’s strongest creatures relative to its size.

Our work continued with full implementation of the corporate identity across all member companies in nine countries. We were responsible for the integration of seven separate websites into one and the design and production of the group’s 2010 Annual Report.

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