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LUX* Resorts & Hotels

Brand Creation

In 2011, Luxury Branding was appointed to collaborate with Naiade Resorts Limited in establishing a turnaround strategy that would rescue the brand from financial crisis and provide new impetus for future growth.

With little capital to spend and recognising the critical importance of the people working for the moribund Group, we worked with new CEO, Paul Jones, and his leadership group to first articulate an inspirational ideology for the 3,500 Team Members who had lost faith in their company. Once installed, the Vision, Purpose and Values became the foundation for all the work that followed.

The next step was to define a positioning that would enable a rebranded resort company to stand out in the ‘sea of sameness’ that blights most Indian Ocean resorts – a challenge made all the greater by the constraints placed on spending by banks who had only reluctantly agreed to continue their support of the cash-starved operator.

Necessity, therefore, was the mother of invention as we set about masterminding a truly differentiating concept for the brand; one that relied not on expensive upgrades to the hardware but on software and service dependent only on creativity and passion, which was happily abundant among a reenergised team.

We charged and supported the group to think differently about every facet of a resort vacation and to banish thoughtless patterns that so dominated their peers.

Our ‘Island Light’ concept was rooted in a quite different approach; one that celebrated the Nature, Flavour, Culture and Wares of the Indian Ocean islands.

To express the concept dramatically, we developed the LUX* Resorts brand name and supervised the creation of an inspiring and eye catching brand identity with regular design partner & SMITH. Together, we defined the brand’s ‘Lighter. Brighter’ communications platform and its accompanying advertising concept as well as conceptualising and writing the launch brochure, website and a suite of trade and consumer communications.

The brand was launched globally to critical acclaim at a gala event hosted at LUX* Le Morne on 1 December 2011.

Three years later, LUX* Resorts & Hotels is the most successful hotel company in Mauritius and its share price has climbed from 25 Rupees to over 61 Rupees since we started working with them. Learn more about what it took to turn around an ailing hotel company by watching this five part documentary, which charts the remarkable journey from Naiade to LUX* Resorts & Hotels.

Documentary Series

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