LUX* Reasons to Go

Guest Experience Design

In conceptualising the LUX* brand, we decided that luxury was overrated. It was time for something fresh. All too often, day-to-day life can be a little predictable, so it stands to reason that when we take a holiday we wish to escape the routine and make the most of it.

The original 50 ‘Reasons To Go LUX*’ were an eclectic collection of experiences, surprises and pop-up treats designed to help each and every guest celebrate the authentic energy of island life, to embrace spontaneity and to enjoy each moment – because it matters.

Following a year of planning and rehearsals, the 50 Reasons To Go launched across the group and quickly captured the imagination of both the media and guests.

In 2014, we returned to the concept and via a series of workshops with senior management teams, we finessed the existing Reasons To Go, whilst devising and planning the introduction of new ones for roll out in 2015-16.

Whilst undoubtedly assisting the brand to differentiate itself from its competitors, it was the actual guest experience that benefitted most from the exercise – a cursory glance at guests surveys and online reviews showed that they resonated with people of all ages and backgrounds.

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