LUX* Tea Horse Road

Destination and Concept Development

Luxury Branding were invited to work with LUX* Resorts & Hotels in mid 2014 as they expanded their portfolio into China, specifically the south-western provinces of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet.

The focal point for the first phase of the LUX* expansion into China, centered around the Tea Horse Road story and the emerging demand for luxury travel experiences in intrepid parts of the world. Historically as significant as The Silk Road, as its names suggests, its purpose was originally for trading tea to the West and horses to the East. Delineated on a map, The Tea Horse Road forms a vast network spanning 1000s of miles and several countries. It was more than a treacherous trade route, transporting news, cultural values, tastes and practices alike.

Luxury Branding’s role was to package this rich cultural history into a concept that would determine the characteristics of the new LUX* properties. We undertook a significant research piece into the Experience, History, Customers, Competitors, Tourism Market, Property Locations and Itineraries.

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