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Storybook Brochure

To replace the conventional brand or property brochure, we collaborated with two incredible creative talents – Patrick Latimer, an acclaimed children’s illustrator, and his brother Alex Latimer, a brilliant children’s storyteller – to devise and design a beautiful children’s storybook entitled ‘Nature’s Playground’.

And what better way to awaken the inner child of the brand’s target market audience and to invite them to experience some grown-up playtime than through the charmingly innocent medium of childlike storytelling albeit laced with an adult moral?

This 28-page, hardback book tells a magical tale of Christoph and Carol as they leave their worldly worries behind and escape to C Resorts where they pursue their own dreams and adventures and are changed forever by experiencing the brand’s joy-inducing cignatures in the wonderland of ‘Nature’s Playground’.


Nature’s Playground
Adventures at C

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