Swan Group



In 2013 following a five-year period of growth and diversification, Swan Group, a leading Mauritian insurance and investment company, engaged Luxury Branding to help unify, simplify and strengthen their core identity in both name and nature.

Luxury Branding established an inspirational expression of how SWAN is special and different through a framework of four physiological territories that make up the “Pyramid of Prosperity”; Protect, Provide, Progress and Prosper. This powerful articulation enabled SWAN to think about itself less in terms of products and more in terms of needs; less about the features of what they sell and more about the benefits their policies bring to customers. At its core, SWAN is a company in the business of prosperity rather than insurance and investment.

As a monosyllabic and beautiful word, we reinvested the existing equity in the trusted ‘Swan’ moniker to rename each product and service offering within a clear brand architecture.

We operationalised the brand through its visual identity, people and behaviour, environments and communications, including a new, fully-integrated website.

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