Brand Positioning, Corporate Identity and Brand Architecture

Founded in 1838, the former Harel Frères was one of the pioneering, family-run sugar companies in Mauritius. Operating in a controversial industry with a chequered history, the group diversified its activities in more recent years to embrace energy, distilling, property development and communications whilst considerably expanding its shareholder base.

Luxury Branding was appointed in 2011 to develop a new positioning for the group that would more truly reflect the modern day company whilst retaining the considerable equity of its noble past and providing new impetus for future growth.

We worked collaboratively with the entire senior management team across all of the group’s subsidiaries to describe a collective and inspiring Vision, to determine an enduring Purpose and to identify a set of shared Values – an ideology that would unite the previously disparate activities and people.

We developed the new brand name, Terra, which not only formalised the group as more than a family company, despite its previous name, but also as more than a sugar company, despite its legacy. Terra became a company in the business of regenerating ‘land’ into economies which was expressed through a brand mark rooted in the ground.

We established a brand architecture to accommodate more than 30 different subsidiaries across five divisions under a single corporate brand.

Considerable care was given to impress the new positioning upon the employees of the group, as such; we designed and produced an articulation of the concept in book format as a communal point of reference.

Terra and its new claim “For the Future. From 1838” was introduced to the Stock Exchange of Mauritius in November 2011 and commenced trading formally in January 2012.

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