Hotels On The High Seas

29 March 2024

Given a wave of wealth, luxury hotel brands are offering seaworthy products to expand their brand ecosystems while enhancing guest loyalty and enticing younger consumers. Profits, according to some experts, are almost beside the point at this point.

The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and Aman are brands associated with land-based hospitality.

But the triad of luxury hotel operators, along with Accor’s Orient Express brand, are bringing their motifs of opulent style and obsequious service to the high seas.

Piers Schmidt contributes to Laura Powell’s piece ‘Hotels on the High Seas’, her deep dive for Hospitality Investor published on 29 March 2024.


Luxury Branding is a strategic advisor specialising in generating sustainable brand value. Its principal experience is in the ultra-competitive premium segments of the tourism, travel, hospitality and residential real estate sectors.1

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With a unique blend of ‘calculated creativity’,
Luxury Branding helps ambitious organisations to define and express how they are special, different, and better: special for their affluent customers, different and better than the competition.2

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Luxury Branding introduces NXGN, a suite of four specialist services designed to facilitate luxury brands in the experience economy to forge meaningful and enduring connections with this distinctive cohort.3

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