2 April 2024

Piers Schmidt featured on ‘The Social Hotelier’ podcast

I enjoyed joining Sam-Erik Ruttmann on the latest episode of his podcast, ‘The Social Hotelier’, which airs on podcast platforms on 2 April, 2024.

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1 April 2024

The Eloquence Embellishment Engine

In an era where the essence of luxury is not merely experienced but also exquisitely articulated, Luxury Branding, the leading luxury hospitality consulting firm, proudly introduces a boundary-pushing innovation: the Eloquence Embellishment Engine.

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27 March 2024

Global Hospitality Talk Postscript and Presentation

Following requests for a film of Piers Schmidt’s recent keynote presentation delivered at the Global Hospitality Talk, hosted by Raffles London, a studio recording is now available.

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25 March 2024

Luxury Hotel Brands: Too Small For Their Boots?

On 21 March 2024, Piers Schmidt gave the keynote at Global Hospitality Talk, the leading networking conference for the hospitality leadership and design community. Piers’ well received address identified the discrepancy in brand value between hotel brands and those in other luxury sectors and proposed steps the industry needs to take to grow their stature. This article is a condensed version of the presentation.

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19 August 2023

What’s Next in Wellness Hospitality?

Luxury Branding is an expert at defining meaningful wellness propositions to augment or sit at the heart of luxury hotel brands. Piers Schmidt was interviewed recently by Laura Powell for her piece on wellness and hospitality for Hospitality Investor.

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13 June 2023

The Delight Is In The Details

In the realm of intricate endeavours, we often hear the cautionary phrase ‘the devil is in the details.’ However, what if we replaced the ominous spectre of Beelzebub with something altogether more captivating, such as delight?

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8 June 2023

Piers Schmidt contributes article to ‘Branded Residences: An Overview’

We are pleased to highlight the contribution by Piers Schmidt, the Founder of Luxury Branding, to ‘Branded Residences: An Overview’, the recently published report by Graham Associates.

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1 May 2023

Piers Schmidt in conversation with Skift’s Sean O’Neill

Piers Schmidt and Skift’s Sean O’Neill discuss the optimum size for a chain of ultra-luxury hotels in this highly competitive segment of the hospitality industry

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4 April 2023

Villa Resorts

As its next generation takes the helm, over four years between 2019-2023, Luxury Branding has guided an ambitious brand-led transformation of the family-owned Maldivian resort group Villa Resorts.

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28 February 2023

Piers Schmidt speaks at Gulf & Indian Ocean Hotel Investor’s Summit

On 28 February 2023, Piers Schmidt featured in the closing panel moderated by Olivier Harnisch for a discussion on the “Rise of Fashion and Luxury Goods Branded Hotel & Hotel Residences – Do the New Marques Really Drive More Revenue?”

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