8 June 2023

Piers Schmidt contributes article to ‘Branded Residences: An Overview’

We are pleased to highlight the contribution by Piers Schmidt, the Founder of Luxury Branding, to ‘Branded Residences: An Overview’, the recently published report by Graham Associates.

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18 October 2021

Luxury Branded Residences

Luxury branded residences have become something of a staple in big budget developments and now they are not just for hotel brands. Plenty of high-end names have entered the fray with big, buzzy builds. Is this just the logical next step for brands who want a deeper connection with consumers?

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1 May 2018

How Digital Democratised Luxury

Luxury today is open to more and more people, with digital technology having had a huge impact on this change. Piers Schmidt reports on how he believes the luxury industry has become democratised by digital.

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4 October 2021

Is Technology Displacing Craftsmanship?

In the world of luxury personalisation, the relationship between technology and craftsmanship is changing. Does that mean our definition of luxury is changing too?

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5 October 2021

Three Branding Lessons from Giorgio Armani

We live in an age of disruption and as economies, technologies and attitudes continue to change, so too does the art of branding.

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