In the words of Fatboy Slim, “Right here, right now,” the next generation of luxury consumers is emerging, investing in high-end goods and experiences earlier and more heavily than previous cohorts.

To meet this burgeoning demand, Luxury Branding introduces NXGN, a suite of four specialist services designed to facilitate luxury brands in the experience economy to forge meaningful and enduring connections with this distinctive cohort.

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NXGN Briefing

The NXGN Briefing is a provocative primer presentation and interactive Q&A session that 
offers participants invaluable insights into the needs 
and desires of the next generation of luxury consumers.


Luxury Branding Founder, Piers Schmidt, and Ian R Douglas, Managing Director of Phoenix Global, have entered into a dynamic partnership designed to conceive and develop innovative hospitality projects in Europe and beyond.

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With its unique blend of ‘calculated creativity’, Luxury Branding empowers ambitious organisations to define and express how they are special, different and better: special for their affluent customers; different and better than their competitors.

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