"NXGN empowers luxury brands to understand and engage with this dynamic market segment, ensuring they connect with their future consumers in a world that’s already arrived." Mungo Schmidt, NXGN Leader

NXGN Briefing

Under the expert guidance of NXGN Leader Mungo Schmidt, this primer presentation and bespoke workshop offer invaluable insights into the needs and desires of the next generation of luxury consumers. Mungo’s experience in this field ensures that this session provides critical information designed to inspire actions that keep luxury brands relevant.

The briefing will audit your current knowledge, challenge your existing beliefs, and dispel common myths about the next generation of luxury consumers. Then, we will dig into the details, equipping you with actionable steps to effectively connect with this emerging market.

NXGN Board

We convene and coordinate hand-picked groups of ambitious and affluent NXGN pioneers to engage with the C-suites of forward-thinking luxury organisations, enabling them to adapt and formulate future-focused customer strategies.

Each board comprises six to eight diverse individuals selected from a global panel, carefully matched to each brand. Through a blend of formal face-to-face meetings and ad hoc online interactions, board members offer organisations direct insights into the next generation while acting as loyal brand ambassadors within their circles.

NXGN Connect

Believing that peer-to-peer connections are best made in person, NXGN Connect bridges luxury brands and their next-generation consumers through elegant in-real-life events. These occasions showcase the brand, break down barriers, enhance the database, and foster loyalty.

Leveraging exclusive access to a London-based private members community of ambitious Gen Z individuals, NXGN Connect attracts the right audience by hosting exceptional experiences valued equally by both the brand and the new luxury consumers in attendance.

NXGN Influence

In an increasingly noisy social world, luxury brands need meticulously calculated online strategies to reach the right audience effectively. NXGN Influence equips luxury organisations with the tools and techniques to cut through the clamour.

Our rigorous and creative approaches to generating positive influence online translate into strategic partnerships and effective collaborations that resonate with the next generation, speaking their social language fluently.


Luxury Branding Founder, Piers Schmidt, and Ian R Douglas, Managing Director of Phoenix Global, have entered into a dynamic partnership designed to conceive and develop innovative hospitality projects in Europe and beyond.

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With its unique blend of ‘calculated creativity’, Luxury Branding empowers ambitious organisations to define and express how they are special, different and better: special for their affluent customers; different and better than their competitors.

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