Opinion Piece by Libby Hudson

7 July 2022

‘From Magazine to Hotel: Curators or Creators?’ is a critical Op-ed authored by Libby Hudson who joined Luxury Branding as a summer intern in July 2022.

We are pleased to publish ‘From Magazine to Hotel: Curators or Creators?
by Libby Hudson.

Earlier in the year, Libby impressed us with her creative application for a summer internship with us and she spent two weeks during July 2022 working remotely in collaboration with our teams in the UK, Italy and South Africa.

In addition to working on this piece, Libby spent time with our team members going through a selection of our completed projects as well as completing an independent piece of research for one of our live clients.

We thank Libby for her eager and diligent participation and wish her all the best for her final year at Birmingham City University.


Luxury Branding is a strategic advisor specialising in generating sustainable brand value. Its principal experience is in the ultra-competitive premium segments of the tourism, travel, hospitality and residential real estate sectors.1

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With a unique blend of ‘calculated creativity’,
Luxury Branding helps ambitious organisations to define and express how they are special, different, and better: special for their affluent customers, different and better than the competition.2

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Piers Schmidt and Ian R Douglas of Phoenix Global are the co-founders of Kingham Leigh.
This dynamic new partnership has been created to design, develop and operate innovative hospitality projects in Europe and beyond.3

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