Jasmine Gupta

Brand Consultant

Jasmine Gupta graduated from The University of Warwick with a BA(Hons) in Historical Studies. This degree furthered Jasmine’s interest in socioeconomic history and how political culture, customs, and institutions shaped modern day China, Russia, Africa and America. In particular, she enjoyed studying cultural patterns and societal behaviours to debate existing ideas and apply them to new concepts developing within the modern world.

An aptitude for conceptual reasoning led Jasmine to pursue a career in management consulting at Deloitte, an internationally renowned professional services firm. She joined the firm’s highly-regarded graduate scheme in 2014, specialising in strategy and operations, and worked across a variety of retail clients including Selfridges, The Co-operative, Unilever, DHL and Christie’s. Jasmine particularly enjoyed the customer-centric side of consulting, specifically her work on Selfridge’s ‘Christmas Comes Early’ campaign and a capability assessment of The Co-operative’s stores, in line with their redesign.

Through her experience of advising clients at board level, Jasmine has developed a diverse skill set including market research, data analysis, customer journey mapping, user experience design, concept development and project management.

In early 2017, Jasmine’s desire to blend her background in strategic consulting with the more experiential touch points of the customer journey crystallised her determination to join one of London’s leading luxury branding agencies, a search that led her to join Luxury Branding – the perfect home for her retail experience.

As a luxury brand consultant, Jasmine Gupta’s role involves researching and analysing people, markets, businesses and brands as well as identifying key insights and creating unique and inspiring solutions for clients. Outside her client commitments, Jasmine is a contributor to LuxurySociety.

Having lived in Venice, while studying Renaissance and Italian art, in her spare time Jasmine Gupta continues to develop her artistic passion through painting, ceramics, and photography. She also finds time to volunteer with the Young Enterprise organisation, which empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills.