Miranda Stewart

Brand Consultant

Miranda Stewart graduated from Exeter University in 2015 with First Class Honours in Anthropology. This discipline developed a deep, analytical insight into the cultural values, attitudes and social behaviour of different groups and societies, and inspired her to pursue a career where she could apply these skills and insights in the commercial world. This led her naturally into the field of marketing, and of brand strategy in particular, where she has been able to bring an anthropological approach to understanding the (often hidden) drives and biases that influence consumer behaviour.    

In her first job after university, Miranda gained practical experience in marketing and events management for Porsche. Before Exeter, she had studied Fine Art at Falmouth University, and it was a combination of her trained visual eye and interest in consumer behaviour that led her to move into brand design and take a role as a visual planner at the leading London design agency, Bloom Design Ltd. Here she gained experience with a wide range of national and international clients across the spectrum from FMCG to luxury brands. 

Miranda found herself increasingly drawn to the strategic thinking that lies behind brand design and, after a period as a freelance Brand Strategist, she moved to Relish Research to help build their Innovation and Strategy department alongside a role project-managing the Legoland and Al Jazeera accounts. While working for Al Jazeera, a major 28-country account, she was exposed to a more consumer-facing role, where she led UK focus groups and gained valuable on-the-ground insight into consumer attitudes. 

In 2020 Miranda joined Luxury Branding as a Brand Consultant. She brings with her not just her experience in strategic marketing but a sensitive eye for the aesthetic and a keen appreciation of the social, personal and psychological factors that underlie successful branding.

Outside work, Miranda pursues her love of the arts. She has performed on the radio and at the RSC, and in the award-winning television dramas The Devil’s Whore and New Worlds (Channel 4) and George Gently (BBC1), and she spends many of her evenings at the theatre. She still maintains her art practice and has a studio where she regularly takes commissions to paint impressionist-style oils on canvas for private clients.