From its London base and Cape Town studio, Luxury Branding’s closely knit team of consultants, designers and project managers helps luxury brands engage purposefully with affluent global audiences.

Mungo Schmidt

NXGN Leader

Mungo Schmidt is a dynamic entrepreneur and a respected adviser to global luxury brands. His expertise centres on crafting engaging strategies that resonate with the next generation of affluent consumers.

In 2023, Mungo founded The Table, an exclusive private members’ community for ambitious young entrepreneurs, professionals and students. This distinctive network brings together a diverse group of Gen Z individuals from across the globe, all united in their drive to redefine the entrepreneurial landscape.

Following an enlightening six-month journey through South Africa, Kenya, and Mauritius in early 2024, where he immersed himself in the luxury hospitality sector, Mungo returned to the UK with invaluable insights. Leveraging this experience, he established NXGN within Luxury Branding. This innovative arm of the company offers specialised advisory board services, helping visionary luxury brands adapt and thrive in the evolving markets of services and experiences. Under Mungo’s leadership, NXGN bridges the gap between traditional luxury enterprises and the vibrant world of Gen Z, providing fresh perspectives and fostering meaningful connections with young trendsetters and thought leaders worldwide.

Apart from spearheading NXGN, Mungo continues to play a role in Luxury Branding’s conventional consultancy projects. His unique blend of instinctual understanding and creative flair enables him to contribute profoundly to the firm’s longstanding reputation for excellence in luxury brand consultancy. Mungo’s forward-thinking approach and deep commitment to innovation make him an invaluable asset to up-and-coming and established luxury brands looking to captivate a new generation of consumers.

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