Piers Schmidt in conversation with Skift’s Sean O’Neill

1 May 2023

Piers Schmidt and Skift’s Sean O’Neill discuss the optimum size for a chain of ultra-luxury hotels in this highly competitive segment of the hospitality industry

Having spoken at the previous year’s event, it was a pleasure to be invited to join the Skift Future of Lodging 2023 Forum, which took place at The Londoner Hotel on 29 March 2023.

During the event I had an interesting conversation with Skift’s senior hospitality editor, Sean O’Neill, about the challenges of scaling luxury hotel brands and the optimal size for ultra-luxury hotel chains.

A few weeks later, Sean and I spoke in further detail to examine the balance between maintaining exclusivity and expanding the brand’s reach, as well as the importance of maintaining consistency in guest experience across multiple properties.

If you work in luxury hospitality, you won’t want to miss this insightful article.

Ultra-Luxury Hotels Bet on Measured Growth




Luxury Branding is a strategic advisor specialising in generating sustainable brand value. Its principal experience is in the ultra-competitive premium segments of the tourism, travel, hospitality and residential real estate sectors.1

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With a unique blend of ‘calculated creativity’,
Luxury Branding helps ambitious organisations to define and express how they are special, different, and better: special for their affluent customers, different and better than the competition.2

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Piers Schmidt and Ian R Douglas of Phoenix Global are the co-founders of Kingham Leigh.
This dynamic new partnership has been created to design, develop and operate innovative hospitality projects in Europe and beyond.3

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