4 October 2021

What the New
‘Ultra-luxury’ Means
for Hotels

Luxury Branding enables luxury brands to stage elevated service and transformative experiences. Although we serve organisations in the tourism, travel, real estate, wellness and financial services sectors, hospitality is our sweet spot.

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2 February 2021

Public Spaces: Fighting Fire with Fire

From retailers to airlines, customer-facing organisations are hiring hoteliers at senior levels to transfer hospitality ‘technology’ into their operations. To date, the flow of know-how has been largely one-way but why are these previously discrete sectors beginning to converge on hospitality?

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19 January 2021

Public Spaces: Battle Ground of the Brands

How many people noticed Nordstrom’s announcement that on October 3 2017, the first Nordstrom Local will debut in Melrose Place, Los Angeles? This may not sound like much of an event but look closer at what Nordstrom have planned.

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